Abrasive Ice Blasting for Facilities Management


Nitrofreeze® is revolutionizing facilities management with abrasive ice blasting, a surface cleaning method that combines the benefits of dry ice blasting with the aggression of an abrasive. Unlike sand blasting, power washing, or slurry blasting, dry ice blasting is an environmentally-friendly technique that reduces cleanup since there’s no sand or water to dispose of. By mixing dry ice with an abrasive medium, abrasive ice blasting minimizes dust while restoring hard-to-clean surfaces to their original condition.

Nitrofreeze’s Abrasive Ice Blasting System

Nitrofreeze recently purchased an E-CO2™150 system from ColdJet®, a leading provider of environmental cleaning, surface preparation, and parts finishing systems. Our new platform combines an Aero PLT® 60 dry ice blasting machine with a custom 1.5 cubic feet pressurized abrasive pot. The ECO-CO2 150 uses a proprietary mixture of dry ice and abrasive medium to lower dust by up to 97%, which is well below guidelines from the U.S. Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA).

The PLT 60 dry ice machine that Nitrofreeze acquired uses ColdJet’s patented Particle Control System™ (PCS) and cuts dry ice into precise, diamond-shaped particles in sizes ranging from 0.3 mm to 3 mm. Users can choose the most effective setting for an application and view, adjust, and save blasting parameters such as particle size, blast pressure, and feed rate. Compared to other dry ice blasters, the PLT 60 uses significantly less dry ice and air pressure. It’s also quieter and lighter weight for more efficient operations.

More Advantages of Abrasive Ice Blasting

Nitrofreeze’s abrasive ice blasting system can run a full 150-lb. load without the risk of clogging, ensuring a pulse-free stream for uniform cleaning on every pass. Automated hopper agitation, long lengths of hose, and a wheeled design let operators clean in hard-to-reach locations. The E-CO2 150’s custom blast pot combines accurate abrasive dosing with an ergonomic applicator. When a user pulls the trigger, the dry ice and abrasive feed together simultaneously for a stream that’s easy-to-aim.  

Other technologies promise efficient surface cleaning, but abrasive ice blasting saves facilities managers time and money. Sand blasting, a type of abrasive blasting, creates significant dust. Power washing and slurry blasting leave behind water, which may be contaminated by lead paint. Even dustless blasting leaves behind water. With Nitrofreeze’s abrasive ice blasting, dust is minimal and there’s no water left behind. That’s because dry ice sublimates, turning directly into a gas instead of a liquid.  

Abrasive Ice Blasting for Your Facilities Management Project

Is abrasive ice blasting the right choice for your next project? The experts at Nitrofreeze® are ready to answer your questions and discuss your application. Nitrofreeze is an experienced provider of contract dry ice blasting and has completed numerous projects across the Northeast and New England. This recent case study is just one of many examples. To learn more about us and how we’re revolutionizing facilities management, contact us at the phone number and email listed below.

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