Deburring for Medical Devices including PEEK Cages and Polypropylene Surgical Caddies


Since 2003, Nitrofreeze Cryogenic Solutions has been a force in deburring for medical devices. Over the years we have added several new deburring systems to expand our capacity and capabilities. In recent years we have seen a tremendous surge of activity, like the rest of the country, in the medical device market. Many medical device manufacturers have realized that cryogenic deburring is a suitable way to remove residual burrs from plastic parts made of materials such as PEEK or Polypropylene.

deburring for medical devices

Two particular applications that we commonly see for medical deburring are PEEK cages or implants and Polypropylene surgical caddies. These materials can quickly be deburred utilizing our cryogenic process. We have been told by many PEEK cage and implant manufacturers that it takes 15 to 20 minutes to clean one part with hand deburring. Our cryogenic deburring equipment allows us to remove burrs from a batch of parts in less than 15 minutes. This greatly enhances efficiency and provides a cost savings and time savings to the customer. In addition, we have years of experience deburring surgical caddies. This is another application that requires significant time to deburr. Surgical caddies have numerous holes, slots and other difficult geometric features that need to be cleaned of burrs to prevent cross-contamination in the operating room. The Nitrofreeze Cryogenic Deburring process provides an efficient method to clean the surgical caddies of their burrs, in significantly less time and at a more thorough level as compared to hand deburring.

If you need to remove burrs from plastic manufactured parts, try cryogenic deburring. We provide a cryogenic deburring service to manufacturers, as well as the equipment to bring this capability in-house. To learn more, please check out our cryogenic deburring page or speak with one of our sales representatives at 800.739.7949. Alternatively, fill out the form below to start your deburring sample evaluation.