Dry Ice Blasting 1 Aero PCS 60

Dry Ice Blasting for Better Facilities Management


Nitrofreeze® is re-inventing dry ice blasting for facilities management by using the fastest, most efficient, and smartest dry ice blaster available. Recently, we purchased an Aero2 PCS 60® from ColdJet® that provides greater power, performance, and precision while using less air and dry ice. This quiet, durable, Internet of Things (IoT) enabled equipment is built to withstand rough environments and designed to provide customizable cleaning that won’t add to the hazardous waste stream. Unlike the E-CO2™ 150 abrasive dry ice blaster that Nitrofreeze also purchased, the Aero2 PCS 60 does not use abrasive.

Nitrofreeze’s new Aero2 PCS 60 dry ice blaster has three major advantages over the ColdJet MicroClean®, a benchtop unit that we also use for dry ice cleaning. First, the Aero2 PCS 60  allows us to control the size of the dry ice particles for greater consistency. Second, the Aero2 PCS 60 is wheeled, portable, and supports the use of different applicators and blast hoses. It’s like having two dry ice blasters in one since the same machine that used with facilities or tooling can also be used to deflash molded parts. Third, the Aero2 PCS 60 has a control unit that can save parameters based on part numbers for repeatability.    

Nitrofreeze’s New Dry Ice Blasting System

Nitrofreeze’s Aero2 PCS 60 uses Cold Jet’s patented Particle Control System™ (PCS) for precise control over the dimensions of the dry ice particles that provide environmentally-responsible cleaning. Sized between 0.3mm and 3mm, these diamond-shaped particles can be fine-tuned to meet the facilities cleaning requirements of your specific application. Nitrofreeze’s dry ice blaster also provides greater control over parameters such as blast pressure and feed rate for increased performance and efficiency.   

Equipped with digital controls and a 7” LCD display, the Aero2 PCS 60 also lets Nitrofreeze® set and save application recipes for the most efficient use of consumables. The dry ice blaster’s advanced air flow system minimizes pressure loss, promotes pulse-free performance, and maximizes air supply yield. Continuous dry ice flow minimizes sublimation and waste. Nitrofreeze® can monitor machine usage data for peak performance and access hard-to-reach places thanks to the machine’s wheeled design.

More Advantages of Dry Ice Blasting

Dry ice blasting saves facilities managers time and money. Sand blasting, a type of abrasive blasting, creates significant dust. Power washing, slurry blasting, and dustless blasting leave behind water. Removing dust and water adds costs, extends project timelines, and can introduce risk because of residues like lead paint. With Nitrofreeze’s abrasive ice blasting, dust is minimal and there’s no water left behind. That’s because dry ice sublimates, turning directly into a gas instead of a liquid.  

With dry ice blasting, compressed air propels a stream of dry ice particles at surfaces made of metal, brick, wood, stone, or other materials. This process is effectively media-less and won’t damage surface finish. Moreover, because dry ice sublimates, particles won’t lodge in tight angles or tough geometries. Dry ice blasting can clean large areas such as floors, walls, and ceilings. It can also clean safely and evenly around bolts, wiring, and plumbing components.

Dry Ice Blasting for Your Facilities Management Project

Is dry ice blasting the right choice for your next project? The experts at Nitrofreeze® are ready to answer your questions and discuss your application. Nitrofreeze is an experienced provider of contract dry ice blasting and has completed numerous projects across the Northeast and New England. This recent case study is just one of many examples. To learn more about us and how we’re reinvented dry ice blasting for facilities management, contact us at the phone number and email listed below.

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