Cutting Tools & Knives

Cryogenic Treatment of cutting tools and knives improves performance, reduces wear and reduces replacement costs.  Nitrofreeze specializes in many industrial & recreational applications.

Cryo Treatment transforms the micro-structure of metals permanently and irreversibly. It is a one-time treatment and all benefits stay with the knives after each re-sharpening or polishing.


High performance hunting and survival knives benefit from cryogenic treatment because:

  • Voids and imperfections in the grain structure are eliminated, providing for more consistent sharpening and a better edge
  • The increased resistance to wear means the edge will hold longer and the knife will stay sharper
  • Less failures due to cracking that result from the propagation of stress lines
  • Reduced coefficient of friction due to micro-smoothing
  • Easier polishing and grinding with less material removal needed to restore (re-sharpen) the edge


Cryogenic Treatment of tools and knives uses computer-controlled time and temperature profiles to gradually bring the steel to cryogenic temperatures of -300°F. Cryogenic treatment is followed by a post tempering process for additional material refinement. The entire process is an extension of heat-treating that modifies the micro-structure of the material and enhances the steel in the following ways:

  • Creates a more uniform “grain” or crystalline structure by transforming retained austenite (RA) into martensite
  • Modifies the carbon micro-structure through precipitation of eta-carbides that increase resistance to wear
  • Relieves residual stresses