Helium Processing

NitroFreeze has developed unique capabilities to utilize liquid helium for the most advanced and demanding cryogenic treatments and processes. Our cryogenic helium processing techniques bring parts to temperatures approaching absolute zero (0 Kelvin).

While liquid nitrogen typically exists within the range of approximately 77.2 K (–320F), liquid helium exists within the range of approximately 5.2K (-450 F). By utilizing liquid helium as a cryogen, we are able to reach much lower temperatures than most other cryogenic laboratories or processors.

Unique Characteristics of Liquid Helium

Liquid helium has characteristics that require special consideration:

  • A rare and very expensive material that is distributed only per allocations controlled by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management, Helium Operations Division
  • One of the lowest atomic masses of any material that is so light it reverts to gaseous state at very low pressures
  • It is volatile and very difficult to transfer during application


When it comes to cryogenic helium processing, no matter what the purpose or application, you can be confident that our experience and secure source of supply can meet your requirements.