August Discounts: 5% Off All Cold Jet Nozzles!


Cold Jet 110V.6 - Low Flow






(Picture Above From Left to Right: Cold Jet 110V.6 -Low Flow; Cold Jet 507S2; Cold Jet 307A90H.8)

To those of you who are looking to increase your Cold Jet Blaster’s cleaning capabilities, now is a great time to do so! Through the month of August 2013, Cold Jet NE will be offering Cold Jet Nozzles at a 5% discount! This includes nozzles for the I3 Microclean, the SDI Select 60, and all of the Aero Series blasters. We have low, medium, high flow nozzles, specialty nozzles, and even variable fragmenting MERN nozzles. Owning a variety of nozzles will entitle you to a more comprehensive range of blasting applications allowing for more job opportunities and an increase in revenue.

Having the right nozzle for the job will save time, dry ice, and air. For a free consultation to discuss which nozzle will be most effective for your blasting application, contact Ryan Taylor at (508)757-2300 or by email at