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Cryogenic Deflashing Media

Custom Cryogenic Processes from Nitrofreeze®

Nitrofreeze® performs custom cryogenic processes at its Worcester, Massachusetts (USA) facility for clients throughout New England and the Northeast. The custom cryogenic processes we offer are extensions of our cryogenic treatment capabilities and include thermal cycling, stress relieving, and uphill quenching. Contact us for a quote or keep reading to learn more. Thermal Cycling Thermal […]

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cryogenic deflashing vs. cryogenic deburring

Cryogenic Deflashing vs. Cryogenic Deburring: What’s the Difference?

What’s the difference between cryogenic deflashing vs. cryogenic deburring? They’re both secondary processes that remove surface defects without changing critical part dimensions or surface finish. They both subject parts to very cold temperatures, and it’s this cryogenic treatment that makes part defects brittle and easy-to-remove using a special non-abrasive media. In addition, both cryogenic processes […]

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Nitrofreeze Cryogenic Solutions

Nitrofreeze® Cryogenic Solutions Earns Supplier Excellence Award

The Cryogenic Institute of New England is pleased to announce that Tri-Mack Plastics has awarded us its 2021 Supplier Excellence Award for our Nitrofreeze® cryogenic solutions. This is the first time that the Bristol, Rhode Island plastics manufacturer has recognized a supplier for consistently demonstrating excellence in terms of quality, on-time delivery, responsiveness, price competitiveness, […]

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Dry Ice Blasting - Peeling Paint

Dry Ice Blasting During Planned Shutdowns

Planned shutdowns give manufacturers an opportunity to clean and maintain facilities and equipment. For some companies, planned downtime in December makes the most sense because the company is closed for Christmas and New Year’s anyway. Other businesses prefer summer shutdowns, especially around the Fourth of July, because it’s when many employees take their annual vacations. […]

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Deburring Tools | Deburring Plastic Parts | Cryogenic Deburring - White Delrin Gear

Deburring Tools for Drilled Holes vs. Cryogenic Deburring

Deburring tools for drilled holes are held in the hand and used to remove unwanted material that’s left behind by drilling. These exit burrs mar the appearance of machined parts and degrade their form, fit, and function. Although manufacturers and machine shops can reduce burr formation by adjusting cutting speed, feed, point angle, and clearance, […]

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