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medical device deburring | medical plastics machining

Why Medical Plastics Machining Needs Cryogenic Deburring

Medical plastics machining can produce complex parts with excellent dimensional stability. During CNC machining operations, however, milling and drilling can stretch part surfaces. If the workpiece material contains a crack, this stretching may cause the crack to grow and fracture. This creates burrs, raised areas that can interfere with part seating, sealing, or assembly. Nitrofreeze® […]

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glass-filled nylon | Cryogenic Deflashing | medical plastic injection molding

Why Medical Plastic Injection Molding Needs Cryogenic Deflashing

Medical plastic injection molding can produce high volumes of tight-tolerance parts for medical devices and equipment. During the injection molding process, however, excess material known as flash can form on the surfaces of parts. Cryogenic deflashing can safely, cleanly, and cost-effectively remove this unwanted plastic flash without affecting critical part tolerances. There are many other […]

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silicone overmolding

Nitrofreeze® Cryogenic Deflashing for Silicone Overmolding

Nitrofreeze® cryogenic deflashing removes mold flash from parts produced using silicone rubber overmolding, a multi-step process that molds silicone rubber over parts made from another material. Examples include medical devices where silicone is molded over metal to provide protection against water, heat, impact, and electrical shock. Silicone can also be molded over plastic during two-shot […]

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ITAR Registered and NIST 800-171 Certified Cryogenic Services

Nitrofreeze® Cryogenic Solutions is ITAR registered and NIST 800-171 certified. If your company is part of the defense supply chain, or if you work in related industries such as aerospace, you may be required to use vendors with these designations. When you work with Nitrofreeze®, you can be confident we’ll safeguard your project information while […]

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insert molding | overmolded electrical connectors

Nitrofreeze® Cryogenic Deflashing for Insert Molding

Nitrofreeze® cryogenic deflashing for plastic insert molding gently removes flash from parts and products like electrical connectors and surgical tools. During insert molding, a plastic or rubber material is molded over a substrate that has been inserted into the mold. In the case of an electrical connector, this substrate is an electrically conductive metal. The […]

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