emi shielding gaskets deflashing

Deflashing EMI Shielding Gaskets and EMI O-Rings

Nitrofreeze® provides deflashing services for EMI shielding gaskets and EMI O-rings. These environmental seals and EMI shields are made of electrically conductive silicones, elastomers that are filled with metal or metal-coated particles to provide protection against electromagnetic interference (EMI), a growing problem with electronic devices and electrical equipment At our Worcester, Massachusetts (USA) facility, Nitrofreeze® […]

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gun barrels

Cryogenic Treatment for Gun Barrels

Nitrofreeze® provides cryogenic treatment services for the barrels of handguns, rifles, and shotguns, including double barrel shotguns and rifles with .50 caliber barrels. Cryogenic treatment reduces stresses and imperfections in the metal’s microstructure for faster muzzle velocity and tighter shot groupings. This one-time, permanent process also increases wear resistance for easier barrel cleaning and reduces […]

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The 5 T’s of Cryogenic Deburring Machined Parts

The Cryogenic Deburring Process Cryogenic Deburring is a process designed to remove machining burrs created during the machining process. Machining burrs can be found on CNC machined parts along surfaces that are manufactured from material stock. In order for machined parts to complete their desired function, the residual machining burrs need to be removed. Nitrofreeze® […]

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Deflashing molded plastic clip

Nitrofreeze® Proof of Concept: Deflashing Molded Plastic Clips

The Challenge Injection molding flash, or flashing, is excess material that is forced out of a mold cavity at the parting line or ejector pin locations. This surface defect mars the finish of molded parts and can interfere with their performance. Traditionally, injection molders remove flash by hand. However, manual trimming is slow, time-consuming, and […]

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