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Cryogenic Metal Treatment for Motorsports

Cryogenic treatment of your metal motorsports components can extend parts life and promote performance.  The cryogenic metal treatment process uses a computer-controlled program that gradually reduces the temperature of automotive parts to -300°F and keeps them at this cryogenic temperature for 24 hours.  By doing this, cryogenic metal treatment promotes a transformation of retained austenite […]

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cryogenic treatment

Cryogenic Treatment of Heat Treated Metal: Five Benefits

The cryogenic treatment of heat-treated metal is a one-time, permanent process that helps to eliminate residual stresses in metal components. Residual stress in materials is caused by a variety of things, including the actual formation of the metal, machining or casting, and the heat treatment process itself.  It is thought that after metal is formed […]

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crosshole deburring

Crosshole Deburring with Nitrofreeze® Cryogenic Technology

Crosshole deburring with Nitrofreeze® cryogenic technology removes burrs from cross-drilled holes. Unlike hand deburring, this is an automatic process that provides consistent, repeatable, and reliable results. It also has advantages over CNC deburring as well as vibratory and tumbling methods for burr removal.

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