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Injection Mold Cleaning: Dry Ice Blasting vs. Lasers and Chemicals

Injection mold cleaning can reduce part defects and improve cycle times. If injection molds aren’t cleaned properly, however, residual materials can cause part discoloration and require rework. If the cooling channels of an injection mold become clogged, slower cooling rates may result. Over high volumes of molded plastic or rubber parts, even seconds of longer […]

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Dry Ice Deburring for High-Value Engineering Plastics

Engineering plastics are high-value, high-performance materials that have superior physical, mechanical, chemical and/or thermal properties. They cost more than commodity plastics, and parts are typically produced in lower volumes. Engineering-grade plastics are used in industrial and processing applications, and by the aerospace, defense, and medical industries. Examples of these high-value, high-performance polymers include PEEK, Delrin, […]

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Dry Ice Blasting Cold Jet Aero2 PCS-60

Dry Ice Blasting for Molding & Manufacturing

Dry Ice Blasting for Molding & Manufacturing Introduction to Dry Ice Blasting Dry ice blasting is a cleaning method that uses dry ice pellets as an abrasive material. The dry ice is accelerated via a blasting gun and directed at the surface that needs to be cleaned. The dry ice pellets sublimate (go from a […]

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Dry Ice Cleaning for Mold Tooling

Dry ice cleaning is helping rubber and plastic molders to improve part quality and reduce operational costs. Dry ice cleaning, or dry ice blasting as it’s also known, removes fouling and residues from injection molds and other types of metal tooling. This safe, clean process won’t harm mold surfaces or their finishes and eliminates time-consuming […]

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dry ice blasting for injection mold cleaning

Dry Ice Blasting Update – Fall 2022

Dry Ice Shortage At the present time there is a shortage of dry ice available in the United States. This shortage is expected to alleviate by some point this fall. Nitrofreeze has contracts with a dry ice supplier to minimize delays in production, however, we can still complete dry ice blasting jobs at our facility […]

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