Up to 20% Off Cold Jet Dry Ice Blasting Machines

Discounted Cold Jet Dry Ice Blasting Machines

We have many new and used Cold Jet dry ice blasting machines for sale at a significant discount. Below is a list of the machines we currently have in stock. Email us or read below to learn more.

i3 microclean dry ice blasting machine

i³ MicroClean

The i³ MicroClean is a precision dry ice cleaning and product finishing system. When precision counts, the single hose electric i³ MicroClean with Cold Jet’s patented dry ice technology is your ideal choice. This environmentally responsible dry ice cleaning system enables you to safely clean delicate and complex cavities and crevices that other blasting machines cannot reach – without surface abrasion, disassembly, or harmful secondary waste. The systems precision controllers allow you to debur and deflash the most delicate parts. The machine’s robust chain drive provides years of non-stop operation in the most demanding environments. This system comes with everything you need including two nozzles, blasting machine, cart, blast hose, air hose and applicator.

aero 40fp dry ice blasting machine

Aero 40FP

The Aero 40FP is a full pressure tried and true dry ice cleaning machine that guarantees the best pellet integrity, maximum cleaning aggression, and the most reliable blast stream on the market. In addition to the standard Aero features, the 40 Series uses frequency-tuned vibratory agitation to eliminate clogging – allowing you to blast through the 40lb hopper with stopping. This Aero 40FP dry ice blasting machine comes with everything you need including a nozzle, blaster, air hose and blast hose with applicator.

PCS 60 dry ice blasting machine

Aero2 PCS 60

The Aero2 PCS 60 is the latest and greatest dry ice blast cleaning machine available today. It was designed to give the user complete control utilizing Cold Jet’s proprietary Particle Control System, which cuts dry ice into diamond shaped particles as small as 0.3MM. This allows the operator to fine-tune parameters for every blasting application. The PCS 60 includes a digital display to control blasting and machine settings. Blasting settings can be programmed and saved for future use. This machine comes with everything you need to get started including the blasting system, air & blast hoses, nozzle and applicator.

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