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Cryogenic Deburring for Machined PET and PET-P Ertalyte®


Cryogenic deburring services for machined PET and Ertalyte® PET-P removes burrs from parts like screw caps and bearing retainer assemblies. Polyethylene terephthalate (PET), a general-purpose thermoplastic polymer, combines good dimensional stability with resistance to impact and moisture. PET-P plastic, a high-strength product, adds good resistance to chemicals, wear, and abrasion. PET-P Ertalyte®, a proprietary material, is available in FDA grades, comes in different colors, and is often used with processing equipment.   

Both PET and PET-P Ertaylte® are available in stock forms that support machining operations such as turning, drilling, and milling. During the machining process, however, small protrusions or raised edges called burrs may remain attached to the workpiece. If these surface defects aren’t removed, part misalignments can occur. Burrs can also contribute to premature part failure or even operator injury. Cryogenic deburring is a cost-effective and consistent process that removes these burrs without affecting part geometry or surface finish. Edges are maintained without rounding and little to no dust or residue remains.   

How Cryogenic PET Deburring Works

The cryogenic deburring process uses very low temperatures and non-abrasive polycarbonate media to remove burrs. Parts are placed in a chamber, cooled to cryogenic temperatures so that the burrs become brittle, and then impacted with the polycarbonate media so that the burrs are removed quickly and cleanly. An automated batch process, cryogenic deburring can be used with tens or hundreds of parts. It’s faster than hand trimming, eliminates time-consuming manual operations, and can reduce labor rates by as much as 50%.

The following Nitrofreeze® case studies demonstrate the benefits of cryogenic deburring for PET and PET-P Ertalyte® parts. This burr removal method can also be used with metal parts, rubber parts (including silicone), and many other types of machined plastic parts. This YouTube video shows how the cryogenic deburring process works and describes the value that Nitrofreeze® adds through services such as parts inspection both before and after deburring.

Machined PET Screw Caps

Nitrofreeze® was asked to remove burrs from screw threads that could interfere with the performance of PET screw caps. Applications for these threaded fasteners include bottles, vials, and other fluid storage vessels or systems. When a PET screw cap is tightened, the threads on the cap and the enclosure push against each other and create friction that keeps the cap in place. The screw cap may also mate with a rubber seal and be used in conjunction with other moving parts. Burrs can interfere with closure and complicate tightening by hand or with automated equipment.     

Machined PET-P Ertalyte®

Nitrofreeze® was asked to deburr bearing retainer assemblies that were machined from PET-P Ertalyte®. As Machine Design explains, bearing retainers or cages are designed to maintain proper distance between rolling elements and can be made of plastic to provide higher speed capability. With the PET-P Ertaylte® bearing retainer assemblies, the face opening was a special area of concern. The Nitrofreeze® cryogenic deburring process cleanly removed the burrs at the incision point as well as burrs that had fallen inside the part.

Deburring PET and PET-P Ertaylte® Parts

Are your machined PET and PET-P Ertalyte® parts candidates for cryogenic deburring? Contact the experts at Nitrofreeze® to discuss your requirements. No job is too large or too small, and our standard turnaround time is two days after receipt. If your part is a viable candidate for cryogenic deburring, we can perform sampling to demonstrate our burr removal process. The consultation is free of charge, so send us your part drawings, photos, or actual samples of machined PET or PET-P Ertalyte® parts.

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