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Cryogenic Treatment for High-Performance Auto Parts


High-performance auto parts are built for speed, power, handling, and performance. Whether they’re for sports cars, race cars, motorcycles, or other types of motorsports, these engineered components are often made of steel, iron, aluminum, magnesium, or titanium. Heat treatment can improve a metal’s wear resistance, but it can also lock in residual stresses that result in warping or distortion. Machining, casting, and even the metal forming process itself can also leave behind unwanted stresses.

In both on-road and off-road motorsports, high-performance components that contain residual stresses can put drivers at a disadvantage. Yet auto parts that have been cryogenically treated have helped drivers reach the checkered flag first. At Nitrofreeze® Cryogenic Solutions, we’ve treated the crank for a production motorcycle that set an FIM World Record at Bonneville. We’ve also cryogenically treated a Chevy 292 Straight 6-cylinder turbocharged engine that was the fastest in the country.

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Examples of Cryogenically Treated Racing Parts

Examples of auto parts that we’ve cryogenically treated include:

  • Engines and Engine Components: Reduce friction and wear while increasing horsepower and torque. Engine blocks that are cryogenically treated are also less prone to cracking.
  • Transmissions: Get smoother shifting and better clutch performance with longer gear life and reduced component wear.
  • Brake rotors: Reduce warping by dissipating heat more efficiently. Get greater brake pad-to-rotor contact and improved resistance to rotor cracking.
  • Rear ends: Extend the life of your ring and pinion gears by making them less susceptible to chipped teeth and fatigue failures.
  • Bearings: Get longer-lasting, longer-wearing, and smoother-roller bearings. Cryogenic treatment is great for both axle bearings and wheel bearings.
  • Spark Plugs: Improve the conductivity of the electrode for greater power, increased fuel economy, and reduced emissions.

How Cryogenic Treatment Promotes Performance

Cryogenic treatment helps to reduce residual stresses in auto parts by creating a denser, smoother surface with improved material and performance properties. This one-time permanent process uses liquid nitrogen as the cryogen to reduce the temperature of heat-treated parts to -300°F. Parts are then held at this cryogenic temperature for at least 24 hours. For tough conditions like the ones in motorsports, the benefits include increased durability, improved wear resistance, and reduced fatigue failure.

Nitrofreeze® Cryogenic Solutions uses a proprietary cryogenic treatment process with ultra-slow ramp rates and stabilization stops, the industry’s longest holds at -300°F, and a minimum 24-hour dwell temperature. Because our Worcester, Massachusetts (USA) facility is well-equipped, we can treat parts of almost any size or weight. For advanced applications, we offer custom cryogenic profiles and can develop one that’s based on your specific needs.

Choose Nitrofreeze® Cryogenic Treatment for High-Performance Auto Parts

Are you looking for an advantage either on-road or off-road? Nitrofreeze® cryogenic treatment for high-performance auto parts improves wear resistance, reduces fatigue failures, ensures quality, and provides consistency and flexibility. If your heat-treated part is a viable candidate for cryogenic treatment, we can perform sampling to demonstrate our proprietary process. The consultation is free of charge and the average turnaround time is two days.

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