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Deburring Tools for Drilled Holes vs. Cryogenic Deburring


Deburring tools for drilled holes are held in the hand and used to remove unwanted material that’s left behind by drilling. These exit burrs mar the appearance of machined parts and degrade their form, fit, and function. Although manufacturers and machine shops can reduce burr formation by adjusting cutting speed, feed, point angle, and clearance, some amount of hole deburring is usually necessary. That’s why smart companies are replacing their handheld deburring tools with cryogenic deburring.

What is Cryogenic Deburring? Why Use Instead of Deburring Tools?

Cryogenic deburring is a computer-controlled, machine-based process that cools batches of machined parts to very low temperatures so that the burrs become brittle. These plastic or metal parts are then impacted with a non-abrasive polycarbonate media that removes the burrs cleanly and without affecting part finish or geometry. Unlike manual deburring, which can only handle one part at a time, cryogenic deburring can process tens or hundreds of parts simultaneously.

Why Choose the Nitrofreeze® Cryogenic Deburring Process?

Nitrofreeze® of Worcester, Massachusetts (USA) sells cryogenic deburring equipment and provides cryogenic deburring services to customers in exacting industries such as aerospace, medical, and electronics manufacturing. When you ask us about parts deburring, we’ll first determine if your metal or plastic part is a viable candidate. We can then perform sampling to demonstrate our process and save your “recipe” for future use. Before and after burr removal, we carefully inspect part metrology.

In-House Deburring vs. Outsourced Deburring

Manufacturers and machine shops that are still using deburring tools in-house could be putting themselves at a competitive disadvantage. At a time when good employees are hard to find, it doesn’t make sense to have skilled workers like machinists performing secondary tasks with hand tools. Burr removal is necessary, but can you outsource it? Think about the labor rates that you’re paying and the opportunity costs whenever your employees can’t engage in higher-value activities such as machining.

Through Hole Deburring and Blind Hole Deburring

Through holes are drilled from one side or surface of a workpiece to another. Blind holes are drilled to a specific depth but without breaking through to the other side. For both types of holes, Nitrofreeze® cryogenic deburring can remove burrs that handheld tools may not be able to reach. The non-abrasive media that we use is sized from 0.015” (smallest) to 0.060” (largest) to accommodate specific deburring challenges, and Nitrofreeze® can develop low-cost fixtures to ensure burr removal from drilled holes.

Deburring Tools: Hole Quality and Consistency

Hole quality is especially important in military and aerospace applications. When drilled holes need to meet strict tolerances, using handheld tools for burr removal can be problematic. Workers may remove too much or too little material, and part-to-part differences can reduce quality and consistency. With cryogenic deburring, however, only the burrs are removed and the process is consistent and repeatable.

Cleanliness and Worker Safety

Whether you invest in your own equipment or outsource your parts deburring to Nitrofreeze®, cryogenic burr removal is a safe, clean process. Machine burrs are frozen and removed quickly with little to no dust or residue that remains. If you’re use deburring tools for drilled holes, employees risk hand injuries along with fatigue and ergonomic discomfort.

Replace Those Deburring Tools for Drilled Holes

Would you like to know more about cryogenic deburring for drilled holes? Contact the experts at Nitrofreeze® to review your requirements and learn more about our solutions. No job is too large or too small, and our standard turnaround time is two days after receipt. The consultation is free of charge, so contact us at the phone number and email below.

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