Deflashing Molded Rubber Parts


Every rubber molder knows that as mold tooling wears, mold flash can become an issue. As more parts are produced these wear issues become more apparent. The next thing you know is that flash has developed at the gates of the mold, as well as the two halves that clamp during molding. This flash can be removed in many different ways. The type of deflashing that is employed is typically based on the volume of molded parts.

In many molding operations that I have seen flash is an issue. In some facilities hand deflashing is the standard operating procedure. Some parts only take a few seconds to deflash, but intricate parts can take much longer. Even worse, imagine having someone remove flash from these parts all day long, five days a week. The cost to deflash ends up being very high at the end of the fiscal year. This is definitely the case when a small army of employees is deflashing parts by hand every day.

The Cryogenic Institute of New England, Inc. is able to provide rubber molders with many benefits when it comes to removing flash from molded parts. First, you will minimize your costs associated with deflashing. You can either outsource all of your deflashing needs to us or we can supply you with a machine to complete the operation in-house. This will eliminate the need to have personnel in-house to remove flash from molded rubber parts. Next, our process will remove the human/operator variable from deflashing. This means that there won’t be variation from part to part. In addition, our process offers repeatable results with each order you send us. We will create a process recipe that is stored in our Standards for Cryogenic Finishing database. Lastly, our cryogenic deflashing process will protect your parts as they are frozen when they are processed. All critical tolerances and surface finish characteristics will be maintained. Your parts will look the same as they did before they were processed with the exception that the mold flash will be removed. Below is an example of what we can do for your molding operation.

deflashing rubber parts deflashing rubber

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