Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Equipment Rentals

Try out your equipment first with our Cold Jet® rental program

Doug Blasting Hooks Cropped flippedWhy Rent?

Whether you want to try out a model before purchase, you have a one-time cleaning project, or you simply want to learn how to blast, Nitrofreeze and Cold Jet® New England are your go-to for Dry Ice Blasting machine rentals and accessories.


Equipment renters will receive an operator’s manual and complimentary start-up blasting instruction from our Cold Jet® certified trained technicians at our Nitrofreeze facility. This will cover set-up, equipment care, safety protocol, and blasting techniques that have been developed from years from experience. Don’t want to travel out to Worcester, MA? Nitrofreeze also offers on-site training for a nominal fee.

ApplicationsCold Jet Aero V

  • Machinery and Equipment Surfaces
  • Plastic and Rubber Molding
  • Food and Processing
  • Printing Presses and Power Generation Equipment
  • Disaster damaged surfaces
  • Historic Sites

To learn more, please contact Bryce Trani at (800) 739-7949 or at btrani@nitrofreeze.com</