Dry Ice Blasting Rentals for Summer 2013


          Nitrofreeze Cryogenic Solutions remains a reliable provider of dry ice blasting services and equipment. The company serves all of New England and other parts of the Northeast. Our blasting technicians are available 24/7 to clean your projects and applications.

          If you are interested in conducting your own cleaning, Nitrofreeze offers dry ice blasting equipment for rent. As summer approaches, we have seen a considerable rise in such equipment rentals and we are excited to see the various applications for which our customers use the process. Since dry ice blasting is an effective and environmentally-friendly process, it continues to gain standing as a superior alternative to traditional sand blasting, soda blasting, and power washing.  Unlike other methods, dry ice sublimates (transitions from a solid to a gas) on contact, resulting in no secondary waste. Only the particulate removed will remain.  Dry ice cleaning has a variety of applications including the cleaning of machinery and equipment surfaces, plastic and rubber molding, food processing, printing presses and power generation equipment, disaster damaged surfaces, and even historic sites! For more information, contact one of our customer representatives to find out where you can apply dry ice cleaning in your facility or home!

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 Local: 508-459-7447

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