dry ice blasting for injection mold cleaning

Dry Ice Blasting Update – Fall 2022


Dry Ice Shortage

At the present time there is a shortage of dry ice available in the United States. This shortage is expected to alleviate by some point this fall. Nitrofreeze has contracts with a dry ice supplier to minimize delays in production, however, we can still complete dry ice blasting jobs at our facility in Worcester, MA. Unfortunately, we are limited by the amount of dry ice we receive weekly. Please contact us for availability of our on-site dry ice blasting services.

Dry Ice Blasting for Injection Mold Cleaning

Dry ice blasting is used to clean injection mold tooling among many other applications. This environmentally friendly process removes contaminants from surfaces requiring cleaning. Dry ice blasting cleans injection mold tooling while still hot in the press, rapidly increasing overall efficiency and productivity. The process is non-abrasive and creates no additional waste. Dry ice blasting can clean any kind of mold, including ones with textured surfaces and A1 finishes.

dry ice blasting

Nitrofreeze is pleased to provide dry ice blasting services for injection mold cleaning, as well as equipment & training for customers seeking to bring the operation in-house. The most versatile dry ice blaster for cleaning mold tooling is the i3 MicroClean. We currently have four new and used Cold Jet i3 MicroCleans in our inventory ready for immediate shipment. Are you ready to improve your production efficiency with dry ice blasting for injection mold cleaning? Contact us today at (508) 459-7447×105 or email us at info@nitrofreeze.com for a quote or for evaluation options.