Dry Ice Deburring for Medical Device Parts


before dry ice deburring peek parts

Dry Ice Deburring is an excellent option for burr removal for parts with intricate cuts, hard to reach spaces and complex geometries. This method uses dry ice blasted at high pressure which sublimates upon contact with the part’s surface. One of the important reasons that medical device manufacturers elect to use Dry Ice Deburring is that it eliminates the possibility that media particles will remain after the deburring process. This feature makes this a very popular method for deburring medical parts, most commonly PEEK cages and implants.  Dry ice blasting is an FDA, USDA and EPA approved cleaning process. The parts are deburred in a fixture using a small amount of ice per minute (less than a lb.) and typically at only 30 to 50 psi coming from a 25 cfm nozzle.

To learn more about how you can deburr your parts with Dry Ice Deburring, give us a call at 800-739-7949 or email us at info@nitrofreeze.com. Further reading and a demonstration can be found at the following link: http://www.nitrofreeze.com/services/deburring/dry-ice-micro-deburr/.

after dry ice deburring peek parts