Custom Cryogenic Equipment

Custom Cryogenic Machinery

As an experienced and independent cryogenic processing specialist, we are uniquely qualified to assess your cryogenic equipment requirements in order to specify and deliver to you a cryogenic equipment solution that will best meet your specific needs.

Most of the custom cryogenic equipment that we sell are made to order. Most of these cryogenic machines are for cryogenic treatment, cryogenic processing, cryogenic shrink fitting, thermal cycling and other applications. We can meet almost any specification for cryogenic equipment. Pricing for this type of cryogenic machinery varies based on complexity and overall requirements. If you are in need of a custom cryogenic processing equipment for cryogenic metal treatment or cryogenic shrink fitting, call us first at (800) 739-7949.

We have worked on custom cryogenic projects in the material recovery / recycling industries to isolate waste streams and recover valuable materials, cryogenic shrink fitting, and parts cleaning, to name a few.

In addition, all of the technologies that we provide at Nitrofreeze can be transferred to your facility for in-house production. Cryogenic equipment that is offered includes solutions for:

  1. Cryogenic Processors
  2. Cryo Cycling Systems
  3. Deflashing Equipment
  4. Deburring Systems
  5. Cold Boxes
  6. Dry Ice Blasting Equipment
  7. Cryogenic Shrink Fitting Equipment

If you would like to learn more, please contact us at or call (508) 459-7447 to speak with one of our technical sales representatives.