Deburring & Deflashing Equipment

Full range of systems for the cryogenic removal of burrs and flash with training, start-up assistance and technology transfer.

Nitrofreeze Cryogenic Solutions provides cryogenic deburring and deflashing systems, cryogenic tumblers, and dry ice blasting equipment solutions. We have several different models of cryogenic deflashing and deburring systems available. These include the SSB-10, a table top model as well as standalone units such as the SSB-12, SSB-16, and SSB-30. These units remove burrs and flash via freezing and tumbling the parts, while they are blasted by polycarbonate media. All of the standalone systems include Sweco separators to remove worn out media and flash and burr particles.

We also can provide cryogenic tumblers that are engineered to remove burrs and flash from machined and molded products. Cryogenic tumblers remove burrs and flash via freezing cold temperatures and rubbing the parts against one another. This technology has been around since the 1960’s and is still being utilized today.

We also provide dry ice blasting equipment to remove burrs and flash from parts. Typically, the i3 MicroClean is utilized to remove burrs and flash at pressures as high as 140 PSI. Only one part can be processed at a time, but depending on the application this can be advantage with parts that are high in variation from part to part. This process is ideal at removing burrs and flash from internal holes and threads.

Please select a link below to learn more about our deflashing and deburring equipment. We provide more than just the equipment. We provide you a complete solution that includes training, process parameters, and start-up assistance. In addition, we are available to service the equipment on a next day basis as required.