Dry Ice Deburring and Dry Ice Deflashing Systems


Dry Ice Blasting Machines for Dry Ice Deburring & Dry Ice Deflashing

Want to bring Dry Ice Deburring, Dry Ice Deflashing or Dry Ice Cleaning for Mold Tooling in-house? We have an array of dry ice blasting machines that will allow you to complete these tasks reliably and efficiently. Whether you are looking for a smaller table-top dry ice blaster or an advanced dry ice blaster capable of cleaning just about anything, Nitrofreeze has a machine capable of fulfilling your needs for manufacturing and molding.

The Cold Jet i³ MicroClean allows molders, machine shops and manufacturers to dry ice blast. This process is perfect for removing machining burrs and mold flashing from manifolds, medical devices, in-vitro medical devices as well as other high value components. We typically use this equipment on high value plastics such as PEEK, PPS and UHMWPE. This table-top system comes complete with hoses, nozzles, applicator and cart; everything you need to get started.

Dry Ice Blasting by Cold Jet MicroCleanThe Cold Jet Aero2 PCS-60 is the most advanced dry ice blasting machine available today. This digitally controlled dry ice blaster comes in either precision kit or performance kit forms. The precision kit is used to complete dry ice deflashing and dry ice deburring tasks. In addition, it can clean smaller and more intricate molds. The performance kit is great for molders that need to clean larger molds. The machine is designed so that the kits are interchangeable. This dry ice cleaning machine can refine dry ice rice pellets down to 0.4 MM in length allowing for a wide spectrum of cleaning and blasting aggression. Lastly, this machine is Bluetooth enabled so that system updates and diagnostics can be completed quickly and effortlessly.Cold Jet Aero2 PCS-60If you are seeking dry ice blasting machines for your operations, we will make this technology transfer swift and efficiently. We will connect you up with dry ice suppliers to source dry ice rice pellets. For your piece of mind, we offer service and technical support from our Worcester, MA location on an as needed basis. We supply internet training and dry ice blasting best practice tutorials with each system sold.

If you are interested in learning more about our Cold Jet dry ice blasting machines, please contact our sales team at (508)459-7447 x105 or info@nitrofreeze.com.