Dry Ice Deburring and Deflashing Systems

Dry Ice Blasting by Cold Jet MicroClean

The Cold Jet i³ MicroClean allows our present customers to bring the Dry Ice Deburring and Deflashing Process in-house. This process is perfect at removing burrs and flash from manifolds, medical devices, in vitro medical devices as well as other high value components. We typically use this equipment on high value plastics such as PEEK, PPS and UHMWPE.

This table-top system comes complete with hoses, nozzles, applicator and cart; everything you need to get started. We will also set you up with dry ice suppliers to ensure you have dry ice when you need it. All you need to do is supply the air source for high pressure blasting. For your piece of mind, we offer service and technical support from our Worcester, MA location on an as needed basis. We supply a DVD and half-day of training with each system sold.

If you are interested in learning more about our i³ MicroClean system, please contact our sales team at (508)459-7447 x105 or info@nitrofreeze.com