Mobile Models

Cold Jet’s Aero Series is designed with the operator in mind. The Aero Series provides ultimate performance and unmatched innovation to save you and your company time and money. The Aero Series offers blazingly fast cleaning, with the lowest consumption of dry ice and air industry wide.

Our current machine lineup for mobile models

  1. Aero 40Aero 40 Series: The Aero 40 sets the next benchmark for dry ice cleaning equipment. The Aero 40 delivers the ultimate clean every it is used. The Aero 40 includes a variable pellet feed, heavy duty welded steel frame, sealed lubrication system, and SureFlow System with patented isolated hopper, advanced agitation and insulation for a steady flow of ice. The Aero 40 sets the bar extremely high for a dry ice blasting system. Our Aero 40 model is capable of blasting up to 140 PSI, while the Aero 40HP can blast as high as 250 PSI.
    For a specification sheet on the Aero 40 Series CLICK HERE.
  2. Aero 80Aero 80 Series: The Aero 80 Series changes the game for the dry ice cleaning industry. The innovative Aero 80 Series utilizes Cold Jet’s patented SureFlow System to ensure continuous, hassle-free cleaning. The Aero 80 offers features that will enhance your cleaning capabilities. These features include tilt-out hopper (Aero 80HP), trigger-activated hopper agitation, Super Multilayer Insulation, and run-flat wheels. The Aero 80 will allow you to clean continuously, efficiently and quickly. Our Aero 80 is capable of blasting up to 140 PSI and the Aero 80 HP can achieve 300 PSI.
    For a specification sheet on the Aero 80 Series CLICK HERE.
  3. Aero C100Aero C100 Pneumatic: The new Aero C100 Pneumatic offers the most amazing all pneumatic dry ice blasting system available on the market. The Aero C100 provides a superior clean never before possible with a pneumatic machine. The Aero C100 is 100% faster at cleaning and supports double the amount of hose (100 feet) when compared to previous pneumatics offered by Cold Jet. The new SureFlow Hopper system ensures a steady flow of dry ice all day long with no clogging. The Aero C100 is capable of holding 100 lbs. of dry ice and can blast at pressures as high as 140 PSI.
    For a specification sheet on the Aero C100 Pneumatic Series CLICK HERE.
  4. Aero VAero V: The Aero V provides a lightweight, compact and powerful dry ice blast cleaning system with a minimal footprint. The Aero V is the ideal system for smaller blasting projects or periodic cleaning needs. The Aero V enables superior performance on a budget. The Aero V is capable of holding 30 lbs. of ice and is able to blast at pressures as high as 140 PSI.
    For a specification sheet on the Aero V Series CLICK HERE.