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Increasing Polymer Performance With Additives


Improve Your Molded Polymer Performance

Polymers, which are also known as plastics, are widely needed and used in our daily lives because of their total cost, adaptability to different shapes and forms, along with durability. Even with these benefits, Certain polymers may not be able to fully satisfy the demands of any given application despite these benefits. Hence, additives are mixed in with these plastics and play a role.

A small percentage of plastic additives are mixed into the polymers to improve their functionality and performance. The mechanical, thermal, electrical, and optical properties of certain polymers can be improved through additive enhancements. Additives may also offer other advantages like biocompatibility, flame resistance, and UV stability.

Plasticizers are one of the most popular kinds of additives on the market today. Plasticizers are added to certain polymers to make them more flexible and less brittle. They are frequently utilized in products including medical tubing, wire and cable insulation, among other items.

Stabilizers are another kind of plastic additive. Stabilizers are added to polymers to prevent heat, UV light, and other environmental elements to prevent degradation. Antioxidants, UV stabilizers, and antistatic compounds are just a few of the plastic stabilizers available today.

Fillers and reinforcements are plastic additives. Plastics have fillers like talc or calcium carbonate to reduce the cost of manufacture and to enhance part characteristics such as stiffness or electrical conductivity. Polymers are reinforced with glass and carbon fibers to make them stronger and more rigid.

Engineers institute the use of plastic additives to improve the overall performance of function of polymers. Based on your plastic part requirements, it is crucial to test and select the most suitable additive given your application.

Nitrofreeze provides cryogenic deflashing services for molded plastic components that have additives such as lubricants and glass fillers. Our lead time is only two business days after receipt. Want to have your molded parts with additives evaluated and deflashed by us for no-charge? Please contact us at 508.459.7447×105 or email us at