Just Like New! Nitrofreeze Blasts Overhead Conveyor in HVAC Facility.


Last week Nitrofreeze brought their dry ice blasting equipment, technicians, and accessories to Cranston, Rhode Island during the 4th of July shutdown, to come to the aid of a company which specializes in residential and commercial HVAC system applications. Over the years, their overhead conveyor line had built up layers of paint from overspray resulting in a thick coating covering the surface. Once blasted with high pressure CO2 from our dry ice blasting equipment, our trained technicians had no problem taking the hardened paint residue right off. On contact, the force of high pressure and sublimation of the dry ice quickly shed layers of paint that had accumulated leaving the conveyor components clear and uninhibited.

The removable components received a cryogenic tumbling treatment in our facility in lieu of dry ice blast cleaning at the customer’s plant. The difference before and after both dry ice blast cleaning and cryogenic tumbling was substantial.  See the photos of the tumbled parts below!

To see video of this dry ice blasting application, click the link below:


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