Nitrofreeze Dry Ice Blasting Smoke Damage


Nitrofreeze Cryogenic Solutions provides services to remediate fire damage. We offer dry ice blasting for smoke damage caused by fires. We clean a lot of transformers, switchgear and other power generation related equipment that has soot and smoke residue on it. Typically these fires are extinguished quickly, however soot and smoke residue will remain.

If the soot and smoke residue is left behind it will cause issue with the electrical currents that run through the equipment. Leaving behind this residue will only cause issue. Rather than scrub down the whole unit with isopropyl alcohol, which takes a very long time, dry ice blasting can be used.

Dry ice blasting offers a cleaning solution that creates no secondary waste. Only the carbon particles will be removed. The particulate can be swept up very quickly as it will land within 5′ of the item being cleaned. Co2 blasting is also non-conductive, so electronics and electrical systems will be unaffected by the cleaning.

In July of 2012 we cleaned a switchgear located at the Square D US Headquarters in East Haven, CT. This switchgear had a fire on location in North Carolina. We went to the site and dry ice blasted two sections of the switchgear, including the roof. Take a look at this video to see us cleaning the switchgear at Square D.

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