Nitrofreeze® Proof of Concept Case Study- Deflashing Glass-filled PEEK Coupling Ring


Nitrofreeze® Deflashing and Deburring process adds value while reducing costs to customers by eliminating the need for hand trimming. Highlighted below is an actual customer part that has successfully undergone the Nitrofreeze® process.
PEEK Deflashing Coupling Ring

Material : Glass-filled PEEK
Description : Black Coupling Ring
Area for Concern : ID Threads and Ejector Pin flash
Results :  The parts were run in our Cryogenic Deflashing process, which successfully removed ejector pin flash and flash along the internal parting line. These couplings were run in batches in our cryogenic deflashing system.

Nitrofreeze Cryogenic Deflashing and Deburring has offered finishing solutions across a wide range of industries.  Whether parts are molded or machined, Nitrofreeze has a solution.   

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