Nitrofreeze Technicians Blast AR Metallizing LTD



Last Tuesday, the Nitrofreeze Dry Ice Blasting technicians took a trip out to Franklin, MA to begin a project at AR Metallizing LTD (a metallized paper plant.) Though you may have not noticed it, metallized paper can be found on many product labels. If you drink Mike’s Hard Lemonade, you have enjoyed it from a bottle with AR Metallizing paper on the label. Our technicians were tasked with removing contaminates from the surface of the pump cones and auxiliary equipment used in their manufacturing process. Equipped with a Cold Jet Aero 75 DX and blasting at a force of up to 180psi our techs quickly blasted the greasy mess right off! The blasters alternated between 1” and 2” Cold Jet nozzles as needed to adjust the aggression required to clean. Due to the sublimation of the dry ice, there was little cleanup left to be completed after the job was finished. At the end of the day, Nitrofreeze has gained another happy customer in AR Metallizing LTD.


To see video of this dry ice blasting application in action, click the link below:

For more information on how you can apply dry ice blasting in your facility, click the link below or contact Ryan Taylor at or 508-459-7447 for more details.