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Remove Mold Flashing From Injection Molded Parts


Batch Deflashing to Remove Mold Flashing

We often hear from molders and OEMs that they have mold flashing after their injection molded plastic and rubber parts are manufactured. There are many ways for mold flashing to form on your parts during the injection molding process. Surfaces where sliding and moving parts meet will wear with time. Typically, mold flashing forms along the parting line and where the gate & ejector pins are located.

Remove Mold FlashingThere are many solutions that will remediate your mold flashing problems. The mold tooling can be stopped, repaired and put back into service. This results in significant downtime and potentially missing delivery dates on orders. Process parameters including molding temperature, material flow rates and clamping pressure can be changed to stop flash from forming.

Sometimes the mold is too worn and is not worth repairing or replacing. In these instances a batch deflashing process like Nitrofreeze cryogenic deflashing becomes a viable solution for your mold flashing problems. The process is ideal for molded rubber and plastic parts that are approaching their end-of-life cycle. Batch deflashing saves rejected parts with mold flashing from being thrown away.

The cryogenic deflashing process provides consistent, repeatable and cost-cutting results. We will take your sample parts with residual mold flashing and run test processes based on our previous experience with similar materials and part geometries. The process removes mold flashing from your injection molded parts by tumbling them in a cryogenic atmosphere, while blasting them with a fine polycarbonate media.

Once your samples are processed, we send them back and have you review them. Then you select the best sample so that we can provide a quote for our batch deflashing services. Then we can proceed with production run parts. If additional processing is needed, we will continue to experiment with new samples. Our Nitrofreeze cryogenic deflashing service provides consistent, repeatable and cost-effectively deflashed parts.

If you are ready to learn more and want to send in samples for our batch deflashing servic please email Ryan Taylor at or call 508.459.7447×105. Join the Nitrofreeze LinkedIn group to learn more about our deflashing process. We would be pleased to process your injection molded sample parts with mold flashing free of charge.