Sample Nitrofreeze® Deflashing & Deburring

Try our Nitrofreeze® Process

A sampling of our Nitrofreeze® Deflashing & Deburring process is offered to ensure that finishing meets the needs of our customers. If sampling is satisfactory, a piece price quote can be provided for future production processing.

Preparing Your Shipment

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The Sampling Process

  1. Pack And Ship Your Parts – Roughly an extra-large coffee cup’s volume of parts is usually sufficient.
  2. Receipt – Incoming count, inspection, and documentation performed.
  3. Assessment – Finishing requirements are assessed. An appropriate flash/burr removal method is selected.
  4. Process Development 
  5. Processing
  6. Return
  7. Your Feedback

Sampling Request Form

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Upon arrival at our facility, your parts are documented and received into our system. An evaluation and trials are performed and process parameters are developed. Following completion of sampling, processed parts will be returned for your review. I