Contract Dry Ice Blasting

Nitrofreeze Dry Ice Blast Cleaning

We perform Dry Ice Blasting (aka Co2 Cleaning) on equipment and other surfaces on location at customers’ facilities throughout New England. We serve Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine and parts of New York. Our reach enables us to service major cities including Boston, Hartford, Worcester, Providence, Portland, Manchester, Concord and Springfield along with many towns in between.

The Dry Ice Blasting Process

Powered by compressed air, the Co2 system blasts dry ice pellets (Co2) over the surface to be cleaned. The hard pellets remove the material through sublimation – the transition of the solid Carbon Dioxide particles to gas. The operator can guide the blast over focused areas or use a wider spray nozzle for more general coverage. As the dry ice pellets hit the surface to be cleaned, the pellets evaporate harmlessly into the atmosphere, reducing clean up associated with conventional sand or soda blasting or power washing. To see our dry ice blasting process in action on YouTube click here.

Dry Ice Cleaning Creates No Secondary Waste

Dry Ice Blasting, which is also known as Co2 Blast Cleaning, offers significant advantages over sand blasting, soda blasting and power washing. It reduces cleanup because no residual H2O, sand or soda run off exists. The dry ice pellets change from a solid into a gas, creating no secondary waste.

Dry Ice Clean Any Machine

The dry ice blast cleaning process is non-conductive so it can be used on industrial machinery of all types. The best part is that dry ice blasting removes the contaminants that need to be cleaned while leaving the substrate unscathed. All that needs to be cleaned up is the contaminant removed.

Dry Ice Blasting Is Environmentally Safe

Dry Ice Blast Cleaning is environmentally safe as Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is found naturally in the Earth’s atmosphere. The dry ice used by Nitrofreeze is made from captured CO2 in the atmosphere. Therefore, the dry ice pellets we use are recycled. Dry Ice Blasting is EPA, USDA and FDA approved. In cases of HAZMAT cleanup, disposal costs are significantly reduced because only the removed material needs to be mitigated and not the additional contaminated effluent, sand or soda particles left behind by other cleaning processes.

Dry Ice Cleaning Applications

Dry Ice Blasting can be used on a variety of surfaces. For more information and before and after photographs, please click a link below.