Historic Restoration

Dry Ice Blast Cleaning, which is also known as CO2 Blast Cleaning, offers a safe, effective and fast way to restore surfaces to their original condition. We have completed many dry ice restoration projects for our satisfied customers. The dry ice blast cleaning process cleans even in tight angles, around nails, wiring and plumbing components without damaging their surface integrity. Dry ice blasting can be used on wood, brick, concrete and metal to restore the surface to its original condition. Below are pictures of a dry ice restoration project we completed involving restoration work. The objective was to dry ice blast clean the brick walls of a 100 year old building and clean sections of the wood ceiling.

Before Photos

After Photos

We have completed many restoration dry ice blasting projects in the New England region. We currently offer our dry ice blast cleaning service throughout Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine and parts of New York.

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