Vacuum Tubes

Cryogenically treated audio components produce better sound.

Maximize Sonic Performance

NitroFreeze utilizes a cryogenic treatment process that is specifically designed to maximize sonic performance in tubes, wires, cables, cords, connectors, amplifiers, transformers and other audio equipment. Developed in conjunction with leading OEMs and VARs, our proprietary formula is the result of extensive experimentation and tests.

Cryogenic treatment relieves stresses and makes audio equipment perform beyond the original manufacturers’ specifications. The benefits of cryogenically treated audio components can be heard while playing or listening to all kinds of music:

  • Cords and cables have an extended dynamic range.
    High frequency range notes are clearer and display less distortion.
    Electrical and signal resistance is reduced.
  • Amplifiers improve auditory saturation and lower the rate of distortion.
    Harmonics are improved and overdrive is richer.  Longevity is increased.
  • Single coil pickups have an increase in output and smoother tone.
    The level of sustain increases. Change in overtones allows for a well rounded dynamic sound. Response time and feel are faster.
  • Users of vacuum audio tubes report the following improvements:
    • Expanded dynamic range
    • Refined and smoother high frequency range
    • Increased bass articulation
    • Deeper and more focused  three dimensional soundstage
    • Lowered dynamic noise floor
    • Reduced micro phonics
    • Less distortion in vocals
    • Lower operating temperatures  and an extended lifetime

Relieve Internal Stress

Why have so many people come to recognize the value of cryogenic treatment for their audio components?
Stock audio components contain internal stresses that degrade sonic performance. Not only is the raw stock subject to residual stresses from fabrication, but additional steps in the manufacturing process produce added stress lines.

In addition to our standard range of cryogenic treatments that utilize liquid nitrogen (temperature range of −300°F to −320°F) we also offer treatments with liquid helium (temperature range of −425°F to  −450°F).  For more information, see Cryogenic Helium Processing.