Motor Sports & Fleet

Over the years, Cryogenic Treatment has sparked interest in the world of motorsport due to the enhancements it provides racers.  While the process is relatively inexpensive to have done, it delivers substantial performance gains and is a “must have” for anyone wanting to get more out of their high end engine components.

Cryogenic Treatment offers practical benefits to most engine parts, braking systems and suspension components.  Cryogenic treated parts retain enhanced thermal properties, stresses in the material are reduced, along with potentially fatal distortions. In addition, wear resistance is improved with the transformation to a more consistent and desirable grain structure.

So, if you’re serious about increasing performance and gaining longevity out of your parts, then the Nitrofreeze Cryogenic Treatment is a process will give you the ultimate competitive advantage.

Below is a summary of what you can expect after your parts have undergone Cryogenic Treatment.

Engine & Drive Train Components: Cryogenically treated engines and components will exhibit less wear and will be less prone to cracking. Engine blocks that are treated prior to final honing will benefit from reduced friction, which will increase horsepower, torque & fuel economy.

Transmissions: Cryogenic treatment of transmissions will increase the life of all internal parts. Gear failure and wear will be reduced. There have been reports that smoother shifting and better clutch performance have resulted from transmission treatment. Treatment is available for both automatic and manual transmissions.

Brake Rotors: Rotors experience several improvements. They will warp less and dissipate heat more efficiently. The change in the microstructure of the rotor will allow an increase in pad to rotor contact, an increase in lifetime, and a higher resistance to cracking. Now, your brakes will last longer and perform better while improving safety.

Rear Ends: Treating rear ends will reduce wear and improve crack resistance. Your ring and pinion gears will be less susceptible to chipped teeth and fatigue failures.

Bearings: Treated bearings will last longer and be less susceptible to wear. They will also roll smoother. Axle and wheel bearings are recommended.

Spark Plugs: Cryo treatment improves the conductivity of the electrode, thereby improving power, fuel economy & reducing emissions dramatically.

Parts Preparation Prior to Cryogenic Treatment

  • All parts should be clean, disassembled, and lightly oiled
  • Do not include seals or gaskets as they may be damaged by the process.
  • Do not send tightened assemblies or torqued components.
  • Package appropriately for shipping.