Residual Stress Relieving Through Cryogenic Treatment

Enhance Metal and Steel Performance Using Cryogenics

Cryogenic Treatment utilizes ultra-cold temperatures (down to –300ºF ) to modify the micro-structure of metals, including steel and other materials to:

  • Relieve residual stresses inherent in steel and other metals
  • Promote a more uniform micro-structure
  • Increase resistance to wear by precipitating eta-carbides in steels

Cryo Treatment Benefits:

  • Longer life due to reduced wear
  • Less failures due to cracking that result from the propagation of stress lines
  • Improved thermal properties
  • Better electrical properties with reduced electrical resistance
  • Reduced coefficient of friction on polished metals
  • Less creep & walk, and improved flatness for critical tolerance parts
  • Easier machining, polishing and grinding for better edges and finishes

Cryogenic Freezing Applications:

  • High abrasive wear in cutting tools, molds, dies, brake rotors, gears, engine components, etc.
  • High corrosive wear in chemical, food and oil equipment applications.
  • High erosive wear from, water, slurries and other abrasive grit carriers.
  • Distortions induced by design, forming, machining or environment.
  • Stress relief in complex tools, components and welds.
  • Stress relief cracking of weld zones.
  • Surface finishing in any application where long life is needed.
  • Stabilization in parts and components as a result of stresses.
  • Machinability in aluminum and copper parts.
  • Electrode life in copper resistance welding electrodes (Type 1, 2, 3, 4, 11 & 13).

Nitrofreeze Has Two Cryogenic Processors:

  • 84″ long x 36″ wide x 34″ deep
  • 35″ long x 26″ wide x 25″ deep (cooling and heating)