Deburring Services for Plastic CNC Machined Parts

Deburring Services for Metal and Plastic CNC Machined Parts

Nitrofreeze® provides ISO 9001:2015 and ITAR registered contract deburring services for plastic and metal CNC machined parts. These deburring processes remove residual burrs left over after machining operations with consistent, repeatable and cost-effective results.

How do we Deburr the Parts?

We offer multiple cryogenic processes to remove machine burrs. The formation, location and intensity of the burr requiring removal will determine which deburring process is the most ideal fit.

Our Cryogenic Deburring process utilizes tumbling, freezing and a cryogenic-grade PC media blasting to remove burrs from CNC machined parts.

The Cryogenic Tumble Deburring process removes burrs on the external geometry of machined parts through freezing and tumbling without the use of media blasting.

In addition, our Dry Ice Deburring process removes hard to reach burrs via high pressure blasting of dry ice as a media. This form of deburring is used on high value parts since only one part can be processed at a time.

Who uses Nitrofreeze® Deburring?

Nitrofreeze® Deburring is a go-to partner for machine shops and OEM manufacturers. The facility is outfitted with a full range of cryogenic deburring systems to support manufacturers from prototype stages to large production runs.

What Materials can be Deburred?

Nitrofreeze® Deburring processes are effective in deburring most polymers and plastics. Even metals with fine burrs (less than 0.008″ thick) have proven successful candidates for processing. PEEK, nylon, acetals (Delrin®), polypropylene, polycarbonate, PTFE (Teflon®), PET, (HD/LD)PE, PVC, ABS, stainless steel, copper, and aluminum are materials frequently deburred with Nitrofreeze® Deburring processes.

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