Cryogenic Deburring Process

Cryogenic Deburring Process - step 11: Parts are loaded into a stainless steel basket that is placed into the Cryogenic Deburring system.
Cryogenic Deburring Process  - step 22: Basket is inserted into a stainless steel (lined) chamber and tumbles at a programmed rate while gaseous nitrogen is introduced to lower the temperature in the chamber.
Cryogenic Deburring Process  - step 33: Once the programmed temperature is reached, the parts are “blasted” with a cryogenic grade polycarbonate media at a controlled “throw speed” as determined by a preset “throw wheel speed” that controls the velocity of the media that impacts the parts.
Cryogenic Deburring Process - step 44: Blasting and tumbling continue for a programmed amount of time.
5: Once blasting stops, the parts continue to tumble for a programmed time to remove any residual burrs that have been removed from the parts and to dislodge any remaining media. Processed parts (in the basket) are removed from the chamber.
Cryogenic Deburring Process -  step 66: Parts are emptied into a net that is suspended in a holder and blown with compressed air to remove any remaining media particulate.
Cryogenic Deburring Process - step 77: Parts are secured in the net and placed on a table with a wire mesh surface to permit parts to return to ambient temperature and air dry.
8: Once dry, parts are returned to original packaging as supplied by the customer.

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