Dry Ice Deburring Services

Dry Ice Deburring Services for Machined Metal & Plastic Parts

Dry ice deburring use dry ice particles accelerated by compressed air to remove burrs from machined plastic and metal parts. Since dry ice sublimates upon impact with a part’s surface, the process is essentially media-less as the dry ice reverts back to gas.

For Hard to Reach Areas

best dry ice blasterDry ice deburring removes burrs on the exterior and interior of machined parts. In addition, the process cleans cross-holes and slots within the parts to remove burrs effectively.

Dry ice deburring is an ideal solution for parts that have inconsistent burrs. Since the parts are deburred separately, attention is given to the areas of concern. If a work holder is required, Nitrofreeze is an expert in developing low-cost fixtures to support the deburring of parts.

Use on Many Materials

Dry ice deburring is available for most machined parts, especially on engineered materials and composites. We have many cases of successful burr removal on parts machined from plastics, polymers, nylons, delrin, Teflon, polypropylene, polycarbonate, ABS, PET, HDPE, PEEK, DAP, Tefzel, PPS, Viton, Torlon, CTFE, Liquid Crystal Polymer, PH Stainless Steels, Aluminum and Beryllium Copper.

Lower Cost & Higher Quality

Dry ice deburring is more cost-effective than labor-intensive hand deburring by a significant margin. More importantly, it yields superior quality. Our process produces consistent results part-to-part, unlike variations produced by individual operators attempting to hand deburr. The cost to deburr parts as a general rule of thumb is between 10% and 20% of the value of the part, although each part must be considered on its individual characteristics.


Solid blocks of dry ice (CO2) or dry ice pellets are used as a media to remove the burrs. The blasting system is connected to a compressed air source that achieves blasting rates as high as 150 PSI. Once the dry ice impacts the surface, it sublimates, causing it to expand 800 times its original size. This allows the burrs to be removed with relative ease.

Send Us Your Samples

Nitrofreeze is pleased to provide a no-cost or no obligation assessment of your machine burr or mold flash problem. We can review part drawings, photos and actual samples of machined and molded parts. If you would like to send sample parts for an evaluation, please fill out the form below. We can be reached at (508) 459-7447 or info@nitrofreeze.com with any questions.