Dry Ice Deflashing & Deburring

dry ice deflashing & deburring

Manual dry ice deflashing & deburring

Dry ice deflashing & deburring is a manual, operator controlled process in which accelerated dry ice particles are employed to blast away residual flash and burr material. The process is ideal for high-value or complex parts. As an effectively “media-less” process, dry ice deflashing & deburring may be used for parts where material media (eg. polycarbonate, sodium bicarbonate, etc.) is not acceptable.

Nitrofreeze® Dry Ice Deflashing & Deburring offers these services with our Nitrofreeze® quality and a three day standard turnaround. Expedited processing as well as additional inspection, documentation, and packaging services are available upon request to meet your needs.

Dry ice deflashing & deburring process

i3 microclean dry ice deflashing & deburring systemParts may be fixtured or simply held by an operator. An operator holds the applicator gun and directs the nozzle towards the flashed or burred areas of the part. Dry ice in the system’s hopper is shaved with agitating blades and fed as micro ice particles into the blasting hose. Compressed air powers these particles through the hose and out of the nozzle.  The non-abrasive dry ice media blasts away residual material without affecting the critical tolerances of the part.

Live demonstration

See the process in the video below.

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