In-House Dry Ice Blasting

Full service dry ice blasting conducted by our factory-trained technicians in our facilities.

Nitrofreeze Cryogenic Solutions provides dry ice blasting services inside our facility for your parts. We are located in Worcester, MA and have products from all over New England sent to our facility for dry ice blast cleaning. Typical applications for dry ice blasting in our facility are pumps and housing, electric motors, heat exchangers and coils, and many other items.

Dry Ice Blasting is used to remove contaminants such as residue, carbon buildup, residual material from various substrates. Dry ice blast cleaning is non-abrasive, non-conductive, and non-toxic. The process also creates no secondary waste, since the dry ice sublimates upon impact. Only the undesirable contaminant will remain. Dry ice blast cleaning is an EPA, USDA and FDA approved.

To learn more about different items that can be dry ice blasted, please click on a link below.