Shrink Fitting Tight Tolerance Parts


Shrink fitting has been one of our service offerings since our inception in 2002. We are capable of shrink fitting all types of parts and have seen some very diverse applications. We have shrink fitted parts that are only a few inches in length as well as parts that are more than 20 feet in length.

But why choose shrink fitting? Shrink fitting is the best method to insert parts into a housing when press fitting will not allow it. Shrink fitting is capable of creating assemblies that require very tight tolerances. The bottom line is that conventional press fitting methods have limitations as to what they can mechanically force into a housing.

Our shrink fitting process is often referred to as compression shrink fitting. We cool the insert utilizing a cryogen such as liquid nitrogen or carbon dioxide. This allows the insert to contract in size due to the drop in temperature. At the same time the housing that the insert is to be put in is heated. By heating up the housing, the opening is expanded through the increase in temperature. After the insert has reached equilibrium and the housing has been heated; the parts are finally fitted to create one assembly.

Some shrink fitting jobs that we have completed have not required both heating and cooling. But in cases where tight tolerances exist, a multi-step approach must be employed. This multi-step approach simply involves cooling of an insert and heating of a housing.

When choosing a shrink fitting vendor, one should choose one with extensive experience. Shrink fitting certain types of metals can result in a need for further processing after the shrink fitting process is completed. Only experienced vendors are aware of these extra steps. Additionally, it is important to choose the correct profiles for heating housings made of different materials. Otherwise, thermal stresses can be induced on the parts to be shrink fitted.

We have completed hundreds of shrink fitting jobs for large multinational conglomerates, military contractors, research labs, and transportation companies. We are more than capable of handling your shrink fitting requirements and applications.