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Deburring Plastic Parts | Cryogenic Deburring - White Delrin Gear

Deburring Plastic Parts Without Hand Tools

Manual deburring is a time-consuming and labor-intensive way to remove burrs from machined plastic parts. At a time when good workers are hard to find, hand deburring is also an inefficient way to deploy labor resources. The use of hand trimmers, deburring blades, rotary deburring tools, and wire brushes can also contribute to worker fatigue […]

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Cryogenic Deburring Process

Cryogenic Deburring Process Explained

The cryogenic deburring process uses very low temperatures and polycarbonate media to remove burrs from machined parts. This proven deburring method is especially effective at removing machined burrs from blind holes, through holes, and other hard-to-reach part geometries.

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Proof of Concept PET Screw cap

Nitrofreeze® Proof of Concept Case Study- Deburring PET Screw Cap

Nitrofreeze® Deflashing and Deburring process adds value while reducing costs to customers by eliminating the need for hand trimming. Highlighted below is an actual customer part that has successfully undergone the Nitrofreeze® process. Material : Polyethylene Terephthalare (PET) Description : White Screw Cap Area for Concern : Screw threads Results : The Screw Caps arrived at […]

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