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emi shielding gaskets deflashing

Deflashing EMI Shielding Gaskets and EMI O-Rings

Nitrofreeze® provides deflashing services for EMI shielding gaskets and EMI O-rings. These environmental seals and EMI shields are made of electrically conductive silicones, elastomers that are filled with metal or metal-coated particles to provide protection against electromagnetic interference (EMI), a growing problem with electronic devices and electrical equipment At our Worcester, Massachusetts (USA) facility, Nitrofreeze® […]

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Delrin AF Deflashing O RIng Holder

The Five T’s of Cryogenic Deflashing Molded Parts

The Cryogenic Deflashing Process Cryogenic Deflashing is a process designed to remove molding flash created during the molding process. Molding flash can be found on molded parts along the parting lines, gate vestiges, and where pins and slides are located. In order for molded parts to complete their desired function, the residual molding flash needs […]

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medical injection molding | medical silicone parts

Cryogenic Deflashing for Medical Silicone Parts

Medical silicones can be molded into parts such as distal handles for surgical instruments and dental tools. There are many types of silicone rubber, but medical grade silicones need to meet biocompatibility requirements such as USP Class VI or ISO 10993. Then, after they are molded, medical silicone parts need to have a finish that’s […]

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Silicone Bumper Stopcs

Case Study: Cryogenic Deflashing for Silicone Bumper Stops

Nitrofreeze® cryogenic deflashing removes flash from silicone bumper stops. This fast, consistent and cost-effective process uses gaseous nitrogen to freeze the parts and plastic media to break-off surface imperfections and excess material. Thanks to batch processing, cryogenic deflashing can also reduce lead times and labor costs. The Challenge Nitrofreeze was asked to remove flashing from […]

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