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Santoprene Injection Molding and Nitrofreeze® Cryogenic Deflashing

Santoprene injection molding is used to produce automotive and electrical components, parts for household appliances, and building and construction products. Medical grades of this thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) are molded into parts including medical wearables, devices and equipment. There are many different types of TPEs, but Santoprene belongs to a subcategory called thermoplastic vulcanizates (TPVs) that […]

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Cryogenic Deflashing

Remove Mold Flashing From Injection Molded Parts

Batch Deflashing to Remove Mold Flashing We often hear from molders and OEMs that they have mold flashing after their injection molded plastic and rubber parts are manufactured. There are many ways for mold flashing to form on your parts during the injection molding process. Surfaces where sliding and moving parts meet will wear with […]

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injection mold cleaning | dry ice blast cleaning for molding tools

Dry Ice Cleaning for Injection Molds

Injection molds that are cleaned with dry ice blasting are helping plastic and rubber molders to reduce costs and improve quality. Injection mold cleaning with dry ice removes surface residues without creating secondary waste. It also eliminates time-consuming scrubbing and won’t harm mold surfaces. Importantly, injection mold cleaning allows operators to clean molds that are […]

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