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Dry Ice Blasting for Industrial Equipment

The week before Christmas, we started a new dry ice blast cleaning project for the Vacumet Corporation. Vacumet makes metalized paper for labels, video game covers and other applications. One of their large printers was taken offline for yearly maintenance. This year rather than use sandblasting, they opted to try dry ice blast cleaning. Over […]

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Dry Ice Blasting Gas Turbines

A week and a half ago, Mark and I went up to a massive paper mill along the Androscoggin River in Jay, Maine. We were contracted to clean a 50MW natural gas turbine during its 7 year overhaul. The site has 3 50MW turbines in total, the other two will be overhauled next year. These […]

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Dry Ice Blasting for Paper Mill Equipment

  A few weeks ago, several of our employees worked on a dry ice blasting project at a paper mill in New England. This paper mill specializes in filtration products, engineered papers and industrial non-wovens. Employees of this particular paper mill needed to clean several of their paper and filter manufacturing machines. One of these […]

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