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blind hole deburring 1

Blind Hole Deburring with Nitrofreeze® Cryogenic Technology

Blind holes are machined openings that do not pass through the entire workpiece. They are drilled, milled or reamed to a specific depth but without breaking through to the other side. If a blind hole requires reaming, it’s important to leave some extra room at the bottom for chips. With tapped holes, this extra amount […]

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crosshole deburring

Cross-hole Deburring with Nitrofreeze® Cryogenic Technology

Crosshole deburring with Nitrofreeze® cryogenic technology removes burrs from cross-drilled holes. Unlike hand deburring, this is an automatic process that provides consistent, repeatable, and reliable results. It also has advantages over CNC deburring as well as vibratory and tumbling methods for burr removal.

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Dry Ice Deburring for Medical Device Parts

Dry Ice Deburring is an excellent option for burr removal for parts with intricate cuts, hard to reach spaces and complex geometries. This method uses dry ice blasted at high pressure which sublimates upon contact with the part’s surface. One of the important reasons that medical device manufacturers elect to use Dry Ice Deburring is […]

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Remove Plastic Burrs Created During Machining

There are so many different ways to remove plastic burrs created during machining. Many of the machines in manufacturing facilities around the world today are capable of removing burrs without ever leaving the machine for a secondary process. However, many small parts cannot have burrs removed on the machines they are made on. As a […]

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