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polypropylene deflashing and deburring

Polypropylene Deflashing and Deburring

Polypropylene is a hard, heat-resistant plastic that supports molding and machining. With its relatively low cost and light weight, this thermoplastic material is injection molded to create products ranging from caps, closures, and cups to dishwasher components and automotive dashboards. In addition, polypropylene is molded and machined into medical products such as orthotics and surgical […]

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Deburring Polypropylene Medical Parts: A Tough Job Made Easy

    Nitrofreeze Cryogenic Solutions provides services for deburring polypropylene medical parts.        Polypropylene is an exceptionally hard plastic with a high tolerance to heat. Due to these properties, polypropylene is a popular material within the medical equipment industry. Its robustness allows it to withstand the high temperature steam applied in an autoclave, […]

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