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cryogenic treatment

Cryogenic Treatment for Stress Relieving Aluminum

Cryogenic Treatment for Stress Relieving Aluminum Stresses Found in Aluminum Stresses in aluminum can be caused by various external and internal factors. Some common types of stresses that can be found in aluminum include: Tensile stress: This type of stress is caused by a pulling force applied to the material, causing it to stretch. Compressive […]

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Cryogenic Deflashing Media

Custom Cryogenic Processes from Nitrofreeze®

Nitrofreeze® performs custom cryogenic processes at its Worcester, Massachusetts (USA) facility for clients throughout New England and the Northeast. The custom cryogenic processes we offer are extensions of our cryogenic treatment capabilities and include thermal cycling, stress relieving, and uphill quenching. Contact us for a quote or keep reading to learn more. Thermal Cycling Thermal […]

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